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also i’ve been arguing with straight dudes all day who see nothing wrong with the fact that important lgbt historical figures are nearly always played by straight actors

yes this is about benesnoot playing alan turing i find the casting really really gross

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if this rumor about benedict cumbersome being cast as doctor strange is true then i will probably run naked into the wilderness and never return fyi

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so i finally joined this decade and got an iphone

the learning curve has been… interesting

as in i’ve been staring at the phone in its box ever since i received it and not actually turning it on

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harry potter: “albus severus, blah blah blah slytherin tootle toot fart noise you were named after the bravest man i’ve ever known”

teddy lupin: “hey uh… remember my fucking dad”

[albus arrives at hogwarts]

albus: “hello professor! did you know severus snape? my dad says he was the bravest man he ever knew”

neville longbottom: “is that fucking right”

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IHust wiOke upmy whol hOUSSe

I’m telling this story again b/c fuck it but anyways I was playing D&D and one of my friends went “brown bear brown bear what do you see” and on cue three of us turn to him and like, death metal screech “ALLLL”.

The dude goes completely pale faced. I saw true horror in his eyes. 

He didn’t know the joke.

So apparently dude just had three of his best friends demonically screech at him for no goddamn reason.

I do not think I will ever cause that level of sheer terror and confusion ever again in my life.

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