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Today, MPs walked through Glasgow together while a guy with a megaphone followed them playing Empire Strikes Back and shouting “People of Glasgow, your imperial masters have arrived. They have come so you can bow down before them. They have traveled all the way from London to tell you to bow down before them.”

omg this is ten minutes long and it never gets old

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i want to ask mimaveil about season 5 thomiss but at the same time i don’t and would prefer to look at the cap of thom/edith fleeing fire as them fleeing a show that has consistently served them shit.

i am completely down with this interpretation, tho they should take branson and the wee babby lass with them as well

you people need to be writing this show

I’m torn between wanting to hide from the inevitable trainwreck that will be Thomas ‘rethinking’ this aspect of himself

and then wanting to watch so I can write a sternly worded letter to Fellowes on why he is the worst

bc I have - 186% faith in his ability to do this well

julian fellowes must be stopped for the good of all

i was angry enough at thomas’ storyline in season three, i can only imagine how enraging this season will be.

but i’ll probably hatewatch it anyway.

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though this is going to be great for my planned paper on thomas in relation to 21st century gay respectability politics let me tell you

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so mimaveil just told me “u R not gonna be happy with thomiss storyline this series’

my speculation in order of terribleness and no reel spoiler knowledge:

-thomiss lights the fire

-thomiss DOESN’T light the fire

-thomiss lights/doesn’t light the fire but sacrifices himself to save the straight people

-thomiss and branson fight and it isn’t a homoerotic shirt-fraying teeth-clenching hot mess wait that is probably impossible

-thomiss becomes a can of baked beans

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whedon’s weird “mysterious waifish little girl who is mentally ill but in a way that makes her doll-like and sexy” fixation is a plague that must be purged from the very face of mass media with the flames of a thousand hells 

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